The PMI Northern Nevada Marketing Team is focused on increasing visibility of our chapter amongst various organizations in the community. We are passionate about project management and want to engage with local employers, businesses, and non-profits for win-win opportunities. We offer a sponsorship program that provides a great partnership and is described below.

Sponsorship Program

The PMI Northern Nevada Chapter (PMI-NNV) is a not-for-profit organization and relies primarily upon contributions received from membership fees and educational programs to support our mission and goals.

Our sponsorship initiative is to raise additional funds from corporate and institutional partners. These funds, as well as in-kind contributions, are devoted solely to support chapter activities such as monthly meetings, event speakers, career development, educational workshops, project management training and much more.

Sponsorship program is a partnership between PMI Northern Nevada Chapter and corporations/education providers.

• Provides a cost effective way for companies to show case products and services to the northern Nevada community.
• Enables direct access to northern Nevada project managers.
• Helps the PMI-NNV chapter to improve quality of education to members at an affordable cost.

For information on Sponsorship and Advertising contact David Richards

If you have any questions regarding our sponsorship program, please feel free to contact David Richards