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October 23, 2018 Dinner Meeting

Eileen Webb2Title:  So, You Want to be a Consultant!

Speaker: Eileen Webb

Many people wonder what it would be like to be a consultant either full-time or as a part time work after they retire.  In 2005, after working for large and small corporations including Procter and Gamble, Texas Instruments, Nortel Networks, Weyerhaeuser, and Greatbatch Sierra, Eileen Webb started her first consulting company – Streamline Consulting - Industrial Engineering working with manufacturers, casinos, and governments.  In 2012, she started her second consulting company, Accreditation Preparation - ABET accreditation with universities around the world.  Eileen was well prepared to do the work with clients since she had expertise gained as an internal consultant and project manager for many years, but she had a lot to learn about the other parts of running a consulting business.  She will talk about the pros and cons of consulting as well as the resources available to someone

Location: Twisted Fork - 1191 Steamboat Pkwy Reno NV, 89521


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About Eileen Webb

September 25, 2018 Dinner Meeting


Cellular Networks, Net Neutrality, and FirstNet: How this all works.

David Fein is the guest speaker for the September NNV-PMI Dinner meeting, the topic is Cellular Networks, Net Neutrality, and FirstNet.  Anyone who uses a cellular device for business or pleasure should attend to get some insight on how all this pulls together. 


Location: Twisted Fork - 1191 Steamboat Pkwy Reno NV, 89521


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About David Fein

July 24 2018 Dinner Meeting

CarlaThe Resonant Project Manager

As project managers, we are taught to focus on scope, schedule, and budget. However, studies have shown the main reasons for project failure is almost never purely technical. When we dig deeper into the common sources of project failure, we find it’s rarely a shortfall in technical expertise, but rather a shortcoming in the project leadership’s interpersonal, communication, and self-management behaviors. Leadership is the key to project success and the path to effective and sustainable leadership is through resonance.

The resonant leader style was introduced in the book Primal Leadership by Richard Boyatzis, Annie McKee and Daniel Goleman. The resonant leader manages their emotions, knowing the impact it can have on performance by influencing the mood of those around them. Every project manager needs to have supportive and productive relationships with the project team and key stakeholders. In this session, you'll learn how leadership renewal experiences create sustainable and resilient productivity and high team performance. For more information on the subject of Resonance, checkout Sneak Peek into EMEA Congress - Leadership on (requires PMI membership to access)

Carla Fair-Wright, PMP
Optimal Consulting LLC

Location: Twisted Fork - 1191 Steamboat Pkwy Reno NV, 89521


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Aboout Carla Fair-Wright

August 28, 2018 Dinner Meeting

NancyCyber Security for your Home Office

Are your home office and personal data secure? Every day we see stories of hacking and cyber security breaches that happen to other people. Could this happen to you? What would be the impact if your home office system was hacked? In this dinner presentation, Nancy Thompson will describe actions you can take to improve the security of your home office data. Here are some of the topics she will discuss:

  • How do you identify your home office cyber security risks?
  • How can you avoid these risks?
  • How can you realistically mitigate and reduce the risks?
  • Where can you transfer cyber security risks? What is the cost?
  • Which cyber security risks should you just accept?
  • What should you do if all else fails and you are hacked

Attend this dinner meeting and find out how you can improve your peace of mind by addressing your home office cyber security risks!

Nancy Thompson, PMP, CISM, CGEIT, CISA

Location: Twisted Fork - 1191 Steamboat Pkwy Reno NV, 89521


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About Nancy Thompson

June 26, 2018 Dinner Meeting


What Can Lean Do For You? 

As project managers we are often involved in projects to improve our organization’s operational activities. An organization’s operational excellence journey can also be called its journey to LEAN. This journey is never-ending, but it is not difficult. The hard part is deciding to start. In this short talk Rishi Malhotra will share some ideas:



  • When do you need Lean?
  • What is Lean?
  • What is the difference between Lean and Six Sigma?
  • Value Added v/s Non-Value Added
  • The Eight Lean Wastes
  • Benefits of Lean
  • Visual Workplace
  • What is a Kaizen event?
  • Results from Kaizen events

Attend this dinner event and learn about how you can use Lean principles to move your organization towards operational excellence.

Location: Twisted Fork 1191 Steamboat Pkwy Reno NV, 89521


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About Rishi Malhotra 

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